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Friday, June 30, 2006

Tribute to Argentina

Everybody knows that Argentina plays the best football. I would like to say that the result does not matter. But everybody knows that that's not true either. Now I'll have to wait 4 more years. All of a sudden, it feels like it's not worth watching the world cup anymore.

Ayala - for being such a solid defender, and this will probably be his last world cup too. Very sad that he has to end it like this

Riquelme - for being my ex-classmate, and the brilliant playmaker he's always been... 28 this year, not sure if I'll see him in 4 years time considering he'll be 32 then :(

Aimar - who has gotten close to no play time... I still like him anyway. Also not sure if he'll still be there in 4 years :(

Saviola - a.k.a the dimunitive argentine, for being outstanding during the group stages and always giving his best. At the rate tevez & messi are progressing, possibly might not make the first team in 4 years also..

(imagine Heinze's face here because blogger will not allow me to upload his picture properly)
Heinze - currently the only argentine red. Always admire his drive to win. Saw him going mental at the end of it all. Hope he's alright.

Rodigruez - for putting up fanastic performances at this world cup

Tevez - for his wonderful displays on the pitch

Messi - Who will undoubtedly be the star of World Cup 2010

(imagine Sorin's face here. Cannot find a half decent picture of him)
Sorin - probably the last world cup for him too. He's probably the one who dives most in the team, but he's skilful and since its the last time just thought I'd mention him

They're still my #1


Yeah and if Germany - England final, Germany wins, just remember you saw it here first (refer to entry regarding Faith's Dream)

The world cup is scripted.

Mandatory Post Common Test Updates

List of things CT stands for:
Cannot Tahan
Cannot Take it
Confirm Terrible
Crazy Teachers
Chemistry Trouble
Cannot Think
Czech Terminated
Classrooms Taken


After CTs slacked around in council room. Listened to Ced and Holoong playing guitar. Haha, asked honloog to play Aerosmith - Don't wanna miss a thing but he couldn't hit some notes so he changed octaves halfway through the song, haha damn funny.

Then went to watch She's the Man with Denise, Cedric, Abhi, Honloong. Haha it's quite a nice show -- just a bit unrealistic & shallow. Still good though. Cineleisure was swarming with rj students. Oh, before that had lunch and stoned at pastamania for half hour to get students discount at 2pm.

After movie, was walking along Orchard road then we went Takashimaya to look for Denise's photo album, but prices were too steep. So we adjourned to the toy department so that Abhi could show us how they sold plastic cups for $56. That's quite amd. Then we played with the toys for a super long time. After that Junli and Wes came to join, Wes for a short while though as he had to go home and watch 7-o-clock-show.

The rest of as bummed around at the fountain area and saw some 24ths shortly after.


I've spent the whole afternoon sleeping, tuned my body to world cup schedules. ^_^! Qiuarter finals start in just a while. Can't wait.

Argentina's up first - but I'm really quite scared because if Faith's prediction were to come true, it would mean that Argentina's going to lose later and I don't want to watch that because it would be heartbreaking.

Side note, the only match I can say I'm genuinely upset with is the Australia - Italy match. I'm very pissed off with what happened.

Video of Italy's training camp:

Also, another picture that's been circulating online:
Ok, anyway, that apart I think this has been a very good world cup so far.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My World Cup Experience

2 Tvs - one with normal & one with aerial view
Soccer bean bag
Hagen Daaz cookies and cream ice cream
Life's really good.
If anybody wants to come over and watch, just tell me. You can share some ice cream too ^_^
Can't finish mugging.
Last night's dream was good. Wish it was real. Unfortunately it's not.
Also. I'm Riquelme's ex-classmate (:! And Kaka's ex-penpal!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good life?

Life's been good for me.
If i'm not studying, I'll be watching football, if not dreaming about football. Pretty much worry-free & very much enjoyable. I love football and to quite a large extent I do enjoy learning.

One should really appreciate what they have...

I just read this about the bookshop auntie.
"then she explained to me about her dad having dementia and falling down and breaking his hip, and about her brother having leukaemia, and how she really couldn't afford to pay off the medical bills..." from Denise's blog

Indeed: "then suddenly common tests seemed like a very small problem.but i think we shd do something nice for her! but i don't know what to do... sigh."

I think the bookshop auntie/uncle are really nice people. I know I don't express myself/any relavent form of gratitude much but when people do nice things (even the smallest ones) its somehow etched onto my memory. Haha..
I remember once when I bought a pen, she reminded me those models had refills and that I didn't need to buy a new pen the next time
She also asked me if FBTs or our school shorts were more popular among our school girls
Once when I wanted to buy a pen, she and the uncle alerted me of this cool cooler offer - giving me an extra pen at the same price
I remember waving to her along the corridors and she waved back

But no wonder she doesn't smile much...

I do like our school Bookshop quite a lot... and the auntie/uncle.


I don't know what to say actually. I don't particularly think there's anything to be said either - (except maybe curse the realm of diseases >:(! )
Actions >> Words. But, don't know what to do either.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006




If anybody knows where I can get the book. Please tell me. T-T I'm desperate.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Idiot Restaurants.

I hate restaurants when they charge more for meals on father's day. It doesn't make sense to make the kid pay more. >=(


I hope world cup hype will get more girls hooked on soccer. Then hopefully the hype will pass on to next year, more intesrest means greater selection pool for soccer girls. At the same time hope this rejuvinates the interest amongst the current j1s, inspiring them to train harder. This hopefully means stronger squad and increase in game standard ^_^ But of course, this is just hoping.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kenneth's prediction.

#10Kenneth do not panic! do not panic! we are trained professionals. says:
#10Kenneth do not panic! do not panic! we are trained professionals. says:
italy win

Will wake up and check if he's right later.


Wow. I waited 4 years for this. Definitely worth the wait.

^______________________^ !!!

My favourites - Messi, Saviola, Aimar, Riquelme all on the same squad!!!!!! What more could I ask for?!?! Okay maybe a class keeper in the sqaud too. (Since Roa there hasn't been any).

Wish Aimar would have a little more playing time. Though I think Riquelme and Aimar on the pitch at the same time wouldn't work very well.

I wouldn't go as far as too say I support Argentina though. I said I did in 2002 and got ticked off by angry italian fans who thought I didn't know what support meant. I didn't understand what they meant, but now I do. They were right. When I look at the way the Argentines cheer for their own country or any other fan cheer for their own country- I know that's probably it.

What I like about Argentina is their squad/players. That's why I like to watch them play and get high when they do well. But 30 years down the road, when my favourite players have retired and the entire Argentine squad has changed, I can't say for certain that I'll still like them. It's not so much about Argentina as a country winning the world cup, but the players I like achieving their dream.

If they don't win - I'll definitely feel a bit gutted - but only because I know that Messi, Riquelme, Aimar, Saviola are feeling sad too. To me, they're already #1 and they don't need to win the world cup to prove it.

On the other hand. No matter who's in Singapore's squad, even if our world ranking drops from #92 to #150. I'll still want them to win no matter what. Maybe it's foolish to hope that they'll one day qualify for the world cup finals, but they're still our team. Nothing's going to change that. I guess that's support.


Link to second goal:


On a side note:
Although I do like Riquelme, I do think he's over-rated. He's not that good. Also very evident that Messi is class, just hope he doesn't grow up to be a prick like Maradona. I'll be disappointed if he does.

Anyway tribute to the Argentines not at WC 2006:
Zanetti!!!, Veron, Kily Gonzalez (all inter players at one point or another) haha.

I still feel as though this world cup hasn't got enough hype ._.

I mean 2002 had Live for Love United music video. I want something like that again!

"The ball is travelling in your direction... Give it all of your attention. Pick it up and pass it on" =p

Random Jive Quote

"One thing I've learnt about life and people: Well, they just keep changing. In good and bad ways. Everything. Anything. What's important right now may not be of any consequence later"
- - Jive.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Re: Lions
Kenneth: So, which world cup team are you supporting?
Nat: Never support. Why support other people's country, I only support the lions.
Kenneth: YUCKS
Kenneth: Lions sucks
Kenneth: Ok, I support lions too
Kenneth: Three heads are better than one

Re: Why so many people are getting attached
Ilman: Well, sports season is over. And people are getting bored with their studies...
Note: Ilman's sport season ended with the Kiwi cup yesterday.

Strange voice: Hello is this Natalie Tan?
Me: Ya..
Strange voice: This is George from RIPB, we would like to inform you you have just won tickets to the world cup final in Germany...
Me: Huh?!?
Strange voice: Okay, this is Ilman...
Me: -_-!

Faith predicts Germany - England Final! Germany wins.

Saturday, June 10, 2006