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Friday, November 25, 2005

This site is amazing really. Its like audioscribbler, just that 10 times better. You type in an artist/song you like, then they play songs according to your taste. Brilliance.

Mentor Dinner

Wednesday was fun. Went for GM in the morning, which was possibly the longest GM we've had in our term. Thankfully I did not stay up to watch the United - Villareal match (which ended in a draw anyway), otherwise I would not have been able to stay awake. Ended off with Mr B3nny L33's farewell and the trick candles failed horribly.

Then after that went for lunch at BK with a few others ( d3nise, k00, Akk5hay, bry0n, c3dric, ch0rk) where I got to use my ever so cool BK coupons that let me buy onion rings at a cheaper price. Was disgusted by some porno-hormone-raging-disgusting-boys (identities undisclosed) on the way back to school.

Went back to school to wait for the mentormentee dinner. Played socer while waiting with a couple of j1s (izhan, s3nthil, gau+am) and j2s (b3rtam (for 15 mins -_-"), b3n, sh4wn, mingk4i, yuyng) Later dgu0 came along and joined the j1 team and then we started scoring goals, then after that he joined the j2 team and they were scoring, then joined back us and we scored again. The j2s seem to be in a constant state of relaxation even though not all their papers are over. Nevertheless had fun playing soccer (:

Had dinner at evening with mentor and co - mentees at Pizza hut.

Mentor brought his better half along and it was fun.

We ( juni, d3nise, k00, m3) left school late and made j0nny angry cos he had to wait half an hour. Anyway we (mainly k00 actually) were trying to come up with evil schemes to try to get our mentor to give us a lift since he was still in school. Unfortunately our smses and calls were left unanswered as he was too busy with his better half.
We ordered some meal which got us 3 pizzas, but somehow they got a bit confused with our orders, and gave us 2 pan pizzas and 1 stuffed crust, instead of the 3 stuffed crust we wanted. We told them their mistake, but as they had already cooked the pan pizzas, they ended up giving us 5 pizzas (3 stufed plus the 2 pan) and we were really stuffed after that.

Conversation over dinner was light hearted & full of jokes as well. I think juni cant seem to stop getting amused by k00's last name. Kept coming up with k00 jokes. Actually if you use the other letters of his name it spells YUX (pronounced yucks.) (YUX uan) hmm.

Kept prodding our mentor about his better half and their marriage plans. Our council skills will come in quite useful if we were to organise it. We can create their marriage video, their marriage book/programme, paint banners for them, marriage sweaters for their honeymoon and help them send out invitations.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sleep early!

I would like to blog about today, but... I have to sleep early if I want to wake up to watch the villareal/utd match and go early for GM tmrw.

So I shall summarise...

Went school, did stuff (batch book meeting and decor), came home, did stuff. Peace out.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Jalan Besar Stadium (mirrored from soccer blog)

When I went to collect your tickets for the Singapore Cup final the other day I went to Jalan Besar to collect them. This is by far the best local stadium I've been to.

Jalan Besar Stadium! I don't know the guy there, just some random passerby ruining my shot.

I was ogling at the pitch from the glass doors, when the man who was working there opened the door and asked if we would like to see the pitch. Wow it was so cool!

Look at the grass! It's STRIPED! and UNTOUCHED and THE GRASS. THE GRASS. THE GRASS! Ok lah, but its fake grass.

Then I asked the man if I could touch the grass, and he was ok with it as long as we didn't ruin it.

Then proceeded to check out the benches and sit around in them for a while. Was quite fun.

And there's this yellow line over there, which I found very amusing. The shots not good, but what it really says is:

This is the view of the seats. AND ALL THE SEATS ARE LIKE REAL SEATS WOOT (not like usual grandstands at non vip areas). SO COOL

And this is on whats on the floor behind the seats :)!

Then saw this sign left around somewhere.

With that, decided to explore the inside of the building. They had models of the tiger cup shirt

This is the back of the tiger cup shirt

And this is the statue of S league.

Then we decided to sneak to the back and got a glimpse of the changing rooms which were really nothing much. This is the ref's changing room. The hallway to the changing rooms are really very dark when the light's are unlit though.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Own Blog

Hi. I've decided to blog properly. After many spurts of inconsistent blogging.