All my previous attempts at blogging since '01 till '05 have failed due to the lack of interest in blogging, resulting in infrequent posts. I suppose this will be my final go at it. Wish me luck.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Year End Report

A levels are over.
JC's over.
I'm working now.
This makes things a little complicated when it comes to blogging, because there should be more restrictions on what I'm able to post and I'm not exactly sure of my boundaries. I'll probably switch to livejournal friends only sometime soon.

2 Years have gone by...
I did an entry as such: at the end of sec4. Shall do the same for JC. Somehow, it seems to be less eventful. Less time for play and a lot more work perhaps. In terms of academcs, CCAs and stuff, there's been a lot more done. As for random oddities, eccentricities and bonds between people - it seems to be lacking.