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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The week in Summary

Council Retreat! Went to East Coast Park to play with the rest. Waited for everyone to come in McDonalds for quite a long time.. From about 12 something to 2. Ch0rk was sitting all by himself and all because he wanted to listen to 9.33 -_- and that was the only area with good reception! Later tried to join him and tune in also, but the reception was so terrible so I gave up. The picture (koped from chin9hui) shows 933 obsessed Ch0rk predicting the top 10 stations.

After that went bowling. Shared the n00b lane with chin9hui, 4m4nda and ch0rk. Sad to say, I was the n00best of the n00b lane ):! I pay so much just to throw many balls into the gutter. Then mean ch0rk and horrible chin9hui laughed at my misfortune :(! I then changed my screen name to newcrouch and bowled even more 0s (but Crouch just scored today anyway). After that changed it to goodluck and got some points, then started losing again and changed it to moreluck, worked for a while... in the end I changed it to Needluck.
<-- This is the N00b team :)! heehee (also koped fro chin9) After that went biking around East Coast Park until quite late. The park was a lot more crowded than the last time I went there for Class Outing. Must be cos the school holidays are here :D! Came home to change & eat dinner before going over to join the rest at J0nny's house. Celebrated Xinyi's birthday and spent the night in J0nny's house with a few others while the rest went for KTV and walked back for 2++ hours until 5am O.o! For the sane few that stayed behind, we DDR-ed most of the night away. DDR is FUN! I got quite hooked on it. Got tired soon enough and settled down for a slumber party and watched bewitched which wasn't too interesting. Couldn't get to sleep even after that so I crept down to the computer room to watch 2 episodes of naruto, after which I was tired enough and slept. Monday
Left the place with C3dric to go for our class's Learning Journey at the National Library. Was supposed to learn about the changing face of terrorism. But I guess the keyword here is supposed, cos less than half the class turned up (11) and the exhibits were rather static. I saw this sign there too :

That was effectively the most interesting thing there. I watched the librarian actually catching somebody for sleeping.
Went to eat lunch with the class and wandered around the bugis area with a few of them. Went to Kinokuniya, some comics place and Adidas. Adidas has already started stocking up on world cup merchandise. I think the Germany sling bags are quite nice. Couldn't find the Argentina away jersey there though. Then again the 04-06 away kit isn't as nice as the previous one.
I wanted to play air hockey and whack crabs and crocodiles at the arcade and stuff like that, so we (me, sn9, r4ndy, jl0h) headed down to the arcade. Sadly, nearly everything there was just video games. No air hockey! No crabs!
Wandered around those stuffed toys which you can never get machines in the arcade and commented how impossible it is to get them.
But then Jloh saw this:

"BUT ITS EEYORE!" and therefore risking his $1 for the impossible-to-get-eeyore, was worth it. So 1 buck goes into the machine.

And Yeah! We Got it!!111one
Even after making contact with Eeyore and lifting it up for a brief moment, Eeyore feel back down again. The machine jerks on purpose or something.
Anyway 5ng decided to have a go at it as well and both of them effectively wasted two dollars.
We daytona-ed for a while, then went home. Finished 2nd, 3rd, 3rd. Was supposed to be 2nd for the last round but jloh went to go flip my car :(!

Went to school early for peer evaluation. Then had watched our guy councillors play against the sajc councillors. The girls didn't want to play netball with us their reason being that they wanted to cheer on the guys. I thought it was quite a silly reason =/ Can you imagine the SA guys saying:"Hey sorry, we don't want to play soccer with you guys! We want to cheer our girls on in netball!" Final score was 1 - 0, to SA but i didn't get to see the goal cos there was an Oteam meeting, apparently was some tyco type goal.
Went late for Oteam meeting where we had to choose our co-ogls. Spent a bit of time later learning Shazea. I suck at dancing.
Played soccer with the girls team but the attendance was pathetic. Had a lot of last minute withdrawals, so ended up having to drag y0wie, am3lia, chinghui and l!jiu along.
Had dinner with a few of the girls at pizza hut (thomson) was rather fun as we got to have half our meal free. Waitress forgot to key in the drumlets order. And believe it or not, they made the same mistake as the other time in pizza hut, brought pan instead of stuffed crust pizzas, so in the end we had an extra pizza.

Huiqing, Emily, Wenyi, Me at pizza hut

Was supposed to have batch book meeting but unfortunately Mr Hodge was not free to meet us. Ended up meeting Ms Lui regarding the future students site and later tried to help props/banner a bit, but banner was knocking off early. So i decided to go home earlier as well.

O-team dry run day 1.
Found out that w3sl3y was my co-ogl. But silly w3sl3y had abandoned me for scouts. The rest of the day was spent testing out the games. Introduction games before lunch and War-games after lunch, followed by a post-morterm. Ate beef noodles at food junction, thanks to stef who kindly let me test out her noodles (:. Lunch was with the decor comm + 4rjun (pui's co-ogl). Unfortunately pu! was too busy with somebody else so I decided to go befriend poor 4rjun who was ditched and left alone. Then after that met j4v4n, whom I haven't met for super long. Then he pointed to 4rjun and some random woman and said" Are those your parents?"
For a moment everybody was O.O, then they burst out laughing.
Actually maybe he said that on purpose 'cos I disturbed his date. =(

Learnt the new batch song for next years j1s, and it was quite nice. There was some debate going on about sounding like people talking to mice.
After lunch was station games, and I'm station master of game 8.
I shan't describe it in detail just in case some random sec 4 surfs here and I spoil the surprise for them. So i'll just post a picture and the rest is up to imagination. But from the picture, you can see that Denise is smiling. Therefore you can tell that the game is fun.

Took ages to find my buddy's present. Yo-yo's arent very popular nowadays I guess. (don't bother asking why yo-yo -_- its my buddy's lame idea!)

The night started off quite slowly with dinner. Proceeded to games after that, and thats where all the action begun. Played charades (where the 25ths totally pwned the 24ths). The 24ths picked Qu! Jun and Cl3ment to do some charades. Whenever Qu! Jun acted something, they would all shout Cl3ment, cos she did the tall and running action. Then whenever Cl3ment did something, they would all shout Qu! Jun.

Played the -est game as well and the most likely to game. For the most likely to get married one, the 24ths had quite a strong case for Qu!jun and Cl3ment, but not to be outdone the 25ths also had y0wie and 4melia! Ok, actually we kinda got pwned for the most likely category. Bertram was a wonderful yoda. And when it comes to promiscious activity, let's just say the 24ths have the upper hand ._.

My buddy gave me nutella cos it like council. Dirty, sticky but sweet.

And this is our buddy family!
Me, Yuying, Lilian, Jonny and Chinghui!

And here are the chicken little lookalikes!

Ok with all of that said, it feels kinda different now that the 24ths are gone. Will definitely miss them. The area outside the council room is a lot quiter, and its strange not to see the familiar faces sitting outside there. Yuying, Bertram, Quijun, Clement, Karl, Hannah, Daryl Yeo, Shihui, Derrick, Shawnloh, anybodyelseimissed were already a permanent landmark there, and now when I walk by it just feels different.

I sure hope this won't be the last I see of them...

In any case, JC life sure seems short. I'm going to treasure (or attempt to treasure) the rest of it (: